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Axle Polish Compound
Super Z Oil

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Super-Z Oil has been investigated since 1998 but just recently it was found to enhance the performance of Super-Z Graphite, especially at the high rpm of wheels on the coasting horizontal run. Be sure that your local rules allow the use of oils. Refer to Lecture 13 for a description of the testing of Super-Z Oil with data showing it outperforms several leading lubricants, both oils and graphites. Actually, just a very tiny amount of Super-Z Oil needs to be applied using the flat ended hypodermic needle in the bottle. First, the axle and bore are polished and lubed with the regular Super-Z Graphite as described in the Speed Package instructions. Then just enough Super-Z oil needs to be applied to the axle to just wet a small patch the size of a pinhead on the axle before the axle is inserted into the wheel. The resulting small film of oil that coats the axle is not visible and could pass inspection. The needle bottle contains 1/2 oz. of Super-Z Oil enough for hundreds of races.


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