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Axle Polish Compound
Digital Precision Calipers

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These 6-inch digital precision calipers were obtained at a cut-rate price and we are passing the savings on to you. They perform with an accuracy even greater than calipers costing several times more. With these Digital Precision Calipers the serious PWD builder can measure a wheel diameter, shown below as 1.194 inches, to one-thousandth of an inch accuracy. And an axle nail diameter is shown being measured to 0.0885 inches, or to the nearest half-thousandths of an inch. The calipers, shown above reading 1.742 inches having just measured a body width, also come in a sturdy case with an extra battery and also have a metric readout. The high accuracy comes from a calibrated electronic measurement of the capacitance change that accompanies the tiniest movement of the caliper jaws. These calipers are:
  • An invaluable easy-to-use tool for teaching youngsters the importance of measurement
  • Very helpful in getting accurate car dimensions into the Virtual Race program race simulator
  • Key in making sure the car dimensions will pass inspection requirements as stated in the race rules


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