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There are many favorable reviews being given from trial copies of the book that were distributed earlier in 2005. Here is one of the first comments from an engineer at Shell Development when it was mentioned that the book took 15 years and involved work equivalent to perhaps 5 PhD dissertations.

John - I very much appreciate receiving a copy of your "5 dissertations". In looking through it, I am impressed with the thoroughness you bring to bear on the apparently simple problems, but the deeper one looks, the more involved the phenomena are. This provides a teaching tool of value at practically whatever level one is interested. I am reminded of Richard Feynman's famous lecture on a single drop of water. This apparently simple unfolds into a continuum of complexity. This book should have the good effect intended on interesting prospective engineering students. Congratulations on a novel and useful job. — Moye Wicks 6/24/05

Another comment from the owner of Herbster Scientific:

Wow! I like it. —John Herbster - 3/04/05

Because of the work on graphite in the book, a copy was sent to Albert V. Tamashausky of Asbury Graphite Mills, Inc. who had this comment:

If I send the copy back to you, will you autograph it for me? Where can I get more copies? —Albert Tamashausky - 4/27/05

Jonathan Browning, an engineer with Hewlett-Packard, helped with suggestions for printing the book on a HP 4300 laserjet printer. Here are some comments from Jonathan when a copy was sent to his office at HP.

Everyone here is impressed that you printed the book on a 4300. We know that it is capable of that quality we just do not see it used that way often.... Also, some folks around here who have pinewood derby aged children have taken an interest in the book. I am not sure how serious they are, however, where would one go to purchase a book? I would have devoured this book when I was doing pinewood derbies. (I am enjoying it now, realizing what I did wrong) I hope you find a lot of interest in your book. I know it is something that could have sent me in a different direction if it had been in my hands when I was younger. — Jonathan Browning 12/09/05

Robert Scott, a PhD clinical psychologist who lectured for many years on the subject of statistics, was given a copy for review because of the statistics contained in the book. His comments:

There are smart kids who may get to look at your book— at the right time in their life— and it may very well give them quite a push in the right direction. .... Too bad I didn't have a copy of your book when I was 12 years old! When I was a kid I used to get furious at people who didn't think I could understand things. Often it was they, not I, who failed to understand. I have noticed that when I give kids credit for having some sense they warm up to me much more quickly than if I talk down to them. I think your book exemplifies this same thing. I haven't seen another like it. Bravo! —Robert Scott 1/03/06


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