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The Complete Package consists of:
1. The Physics of the Pinewood Derby book (select signature in above box if desired-write a message under contact if you wish a note along with signature)
2. The Virtual Race CD
3. The Digital Precision Calipers (or Plastic Vernier Calipers for $139.95 package cost)
4. The Super Z Oil lubricant
5. The Speed Package
6. The Free Grab Bag

The Complete Package contains almost everything in the store. It includes the Design Package plus the Speed Package with the Grab Bag plus the Super Z Oil. The packages represent state-of-the-art products that have never before been offered and cannot be readily duplicated, if at all. If you are happy with your ability to design a fast car, and you feel you understand the basic physics involved, then perhaps you don't need the Design Package. In this case the Speed Package plus the Super Z Oil alone can still be beneficial. On the other hand, if you use the Design Package to really come up with a superior car, perhaps you won't need the Speed Package or Super Z Oil and ordinary lubrication will suffice. Of course, with the tremendous amount of information available in the Design Package, you may be able to put together an effective Speed Package yourself. .


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