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> The 2013/14 Racing Season is here. The following are recent upgrades to our offerings.

> CUB LECTURES have been added to the Lecture Series. These lectures are written to appeal to the youngster and get them interested in physics. And they can get a free Physics Award patch.

> CUSTOMER REVIEWS have been expanded up through the first part of 2013. Unsure what to get? See what the customers think about our products.

> BASIC and COMPLETE PACKAGES now contain Super Z Oil for that extra kick on the coasting run.

> SPEED PACKAGE and free GRAB BAG contain proven items for polishing and lubrication of axles and wheel bores and is still the most popular package to prepare a fast PWD car.

> VIRTUAL RACING CD , in addition to the Car Construction and Measure Parameters E books, now contains the new Graphic 2 Car Race. Also, if Cub leaders or others use this CD and race simulator for teaching youngsters, call me at 281 431 2017 and get it for half price.

Happy Racing, Parents & Cubs

Doc Jobe

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THE PHYSICS OF THE PINEWOOD DERBY BOOK - The days are over for tips, hints, old wive's tales, and all the other rumors that accompany the popular pinewood derby racing scenario. Rather than superstition and hearsay, we can now share facts with our kids based on physics and natural laws. The large library-quality simulated leather-bound Physics of the Pinewood Derby book captures 15 years of professional research and development on the dynamics of gravity-driven model race cars. The equations of motion have been solved for various types of tracks and cars, even large gravity-driven cars with drivers. And practical designs are presented based on subjects that range from friction studies, wind tunnel testing, and statistical analyses.

THE VIRTUAL RACING AND GRAVITY - DRIVEN CAR DESIGN CD has been expanded with new features that will let even the first year Cub work effectively in a team with their parent or adult partner. Click on the links below to get more detail on the 3 main parts of this CD. One part, a well illustrated Car Construction E-book (also see Lecture 14 & 15) starts right when you open the official Pinewood Derby car kit. This part also contains a car lubrication (see lecture 16,17&18) section with video clips. A second file on the Virtual Race CD is a Measure Parameters E-Book which explains to the youngster how to measure the parameters of their cars and input them into the Virtual Race simulator. And, finally, the third part is the original Virtual Race program , updated to the exciting Version II. This race simulator lets the user put in whatever design or measurement they desire for any kind of gravity car on several types of track. The program uses the advanced mathematics developed in the Physics of the Pinewood Derby book to predict the precise motion of any gravity car based on its parameters. As noted above, under New Products, there is now a new release, Virtual Race Version II (VR-VII), with a new feature called the Graphic 2-Car Race. This new program gives an animation of an actual race using cars that you design, specify, and park inside a Car Garage. It has taken many years of work to produce this first-of-a-kind highly educational racing capability. The Virtual Race program has embedded in it a Virtual Race Help manual which is a third very extensive encyclopedia-like 14mb E-book that covers every aspect of racing at 2 levels, one for the Cub and one for the advanced user. The VR-VII program has been tested on Windows 98, XP, 2000, Vista and Windows 7 systems, requires 35 MB disc storage space and works best at 1280 x 1024 or greater screen resolution.
FOUR PACKAGES offer various types of hardware in addition to or in combination with the CD and books above. The Design Package gives both items above plus the Digital Precision Calipers that allow the youngster to take measurements of key dimensions of their race car for input into the virtual race program. The Speed Package provides a swivel-head pin vise, polishing block, and axle file to be used for drilling, axle polishing, and lubrication. It also contains the Super Z graphite, a specially blended mixture that has an extremely low coefficient of friction when applied properly. In addition, this package has bore polish and axle polish compounds which can further reduce the wheel/axle friction. The polish cloth and cardboard dowels which are provided are key to proper lubrication techniques. The Basic Package is new and has been developed especially for the new users who want to start with fundamentals so this package contains everything mentioned above except the big Physics of the Pinewood Derby book. Finally, the fourth package is the Complete Package which contains all the items in the store (except just one of the two calipers). Also, every package except the Design Package includes a free Grab Bag of 8 or 9 incidental items to help in lubricating and building a car. Remember the Super Z Oil is now part of the Basic and Complete packages.


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